Helicopter Emergency Lifeline Project, Inc.

Bell 430

Helicopter Emergency Lifeline Project, Inc. utilizes the state-of-the-art Bell 430 and 407 aircraft. The Bell 430 is an extremely versatile 8-seat multipurpose twin engine helicopter designed to provide mission flexibility.

The Bell 407 is a 7 seat helicopter with outstanding single engine performance with a forward cabin allowing for high visibility for the pilot and observer.

The spacious aft cabins of both aircraft allows for the transport of up to 6 passengers in the 430 and 5 in the 407 and can also be utilized to hold rescue supplies and equipment.

Specialized Mission Equipment

Bell 407

HELP’s aircraft will be equipped with the most advanced communications equipment currently available.  During a disaster one of the greatest problems facing responders is the lack of communication between ground units and command centers.

The HELP aircraft, through the use of it’s multi band radio, will allow direct communications to all emergency agencies.  The radio will also act as a repeater to allow ground units the ability to communicate directly to a command center during times when such contact would not normally be possible.

The radio will also allow communications between two separate units that are utilizing two different frequencies.

The HELP helicopter will utilize a FLIR Systems multi-sensor imager.  The FLIR is mounted below the nose of the helicopter and will allow for digital, high resolution infrared video images aiding in night operations.  A low-light TV camera delivers daylight imagery and enhances dusk/dawn operations.

Real-time video will be transmitted via downlink antenna to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in charge of the current disaster.  The use of such a downlink will provide critical disaster scene detail and greatly enhance the situational awareness for decision-makers on the ground.

Helicopter Emergency Lifeline Project, Inc. will provide a Portable Briefcase Receiver to the EOC in charge of the current disaster. This will ensure that any requesting agency will be able to fully utilize this technology. By providing such a self contained system, HELP will be enabling every EOC in it’s operational area the ability to have the use of the system regardless of their current equipment capabilities.

Helicopter Emergency Lifeline Project’s helicopter will also be equipped with the Spectrolab SX-5 Night Sun search light.  The search light will be used for night search and rescue operations. Equipping the helicopter with the Night Sun greatly enhances over all mission safety during all phases of night operations.

The SX-5 is a 15 million candlepower search light capable of illuminating an area 143 feet in diameter from an altitude of 1,650 feet.

The helicopter will be equipped with an Emergency Pop-out floatation system.

This system can be installed and removed quickly to allow for its use only when prolonged over-water operations are anticipated.

If needed, these floats can be inflated within a few seconds to allow for an emergency water landing.


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