Helicopter Emergency Lifeline Project, Inc.

HELP provides emergency assistance to Local, State and Federal emergency agencies and first responders during times of natural or man-made disasters.

Helicopter Emergency Lifeline Project, Inc. (HELP) was established in 2006 to dramatically improve disaster response in the Central, Southern and Eastern United States.

HELP will provide it’s services to any emergency agency or non-profit humanitarian relief organization.

It is the mission of HELP to provide a helicopter to enhance situational awareness and interagency coordination in a disaster; to aid those agencies which would normally not have such a resource available and to eliminate the gap in response time created when requesting Federal or State helicopters.

When a disaster occurs, HELP’s helicopter will deploy equipped with a multi-sensor imager capable of live video downlink and specialized communications radios.

Real-time video will be transmitted via downlink antenna to the emergency operation center (EOC) in charge of the current disaster. The images will be displayed on a portable briefcase receiver which we will provide to the EOC.  By utilizing this type of self contained system, we will enable any EOC in our operational area the ability to have use of our downlink system regardless of their current equipment capabilities. The use of such a downlink will provide critical disaster scene detail and greatly enhance situational awareness for decision-makers on the ground.

The specialized multi band radio will allow direct communication to all emergency agencies.  The radio will also act as a repeater to allow ground units the ability to communicate during times when such contact would not normally be possible due to distance or ground clutter.  Communications between rescue units utilizing separate frequencies can be made possible by patching them through the airborne radio as well.

The helicopter will also be utilized to transport rescue personnel and supplies as needed.

Additional examples of the many missions the helicopter will perform and the organizations we will assist are detailed in the operations page of this web site.

Our Mission

Helicopter Emergency Lifeline Project, Inc. (HELP) is a non-profit humanitarian organization utilizing the unique capabilities of the helicopter in facilitating rapid response and the saving of lives.

It is our mission to bring aid to disaster victims as quickly as possible, to help prevent the horrors that people of all ages, from all walks of life, often face having survived the initial impact of a disaster only to find themselves in a battle to survive until help arrives.

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